Customer Service

Good Customer Service
3 or 6 hour workshop, or 3 day seminar

The first impression is the most important one, especially in the hospitality and tourism industry. Learning good customer service is key to any successful business. In this workshop, course topics are targeted to people who are working in the service industries: retail sales, hospitality work, or any position where there is one-on-one contact with the public. Some topics:

Benefits of good customer service | service and what it means | improving service
difficult clients; how to handle them | pressure situations on the job
understanding what people interaction is all about

Telephone Techniques
3 hour workshop

Designed for front line staff, this workshop provides a foundation for correct telephone procedures when handling calls from clients. Customize your system for answering telephone calls, increase your confidence by applying better telephone techniques, streamline and increase your business. Your customers will keep coming back for more! Some topics:

Skills you need | Preparing for a call | How to give information clearly
Handling difficult calls | Controlling the conversation

Workshops are for groups only and can be modified to suit staff training requirements. Contact us for booking information.